Career Opportunities



Nov. 15, 2016
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Bosecke & Associates is known for its practical approach to legal and business matters with an emphasis on working cooperatively with their clients to solve their legal problems.  The Firm offers a balance of work and personal life, a large variety of work and a strong reputation.

  1. Junior associate – Bosecke & Associates is looking for a lawyer with 2+ years of experience, with some emphasis on civil litigation.  A partial practice, although not required, would be an asset as the Firm is looking for a long-term investment in the associate with opportunities for partnership.
  1. Senior associate – the Firm is also looking for a lawyer with several years’ experience who has a partial practice and is looking to work in a team environment. This position may be a great opportunity for a sole practitioner looking to join an established firm.

Candidates must be a team player, well focused and with an entrepreneurial disposition.  The Firm is prepared to look at various compensation packages, including salary, bonus incentives and potential partnerships.  A benefit package is provided.